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    Website goals

    I was wondering how I could organize this site to help and also to help myself … I always said that I liked doing websites because I’m so lazy … I like to find something quickly and try that it is done most easily! My brain rolls less at 100 per hour and that’s because I want it now even more! I have more difficult days (like the month of October of m … who magane me …) and others who are ok. So I want that in this site I do not need to run as I do with onmagasine.ca but I want to continue to chat with you…

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    My visit to the Expo Cannabis Montreal

    On October 3rd and 4th, I went to Expo Cannabis Montreal. But do not have the image of a gang of “stonners” who smoke big joints! There was a lot of suits! I know that cannabis is an industry that will grow and grow and that we are just at the beginning. I admit that like a lot of people I had taken cannabis in my life and it made me feel good when I had cramps every month … When I had the diagnosis of MS I searched the drug options that are “offered” to patients … I admit that I was looking for one that had more positive…

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    Using cannabis leaves

    I had a license to cultivate my medical cannabis at home. Ok at first we find it funny to be legal with pot plants at home. Unfortunately private insurance reimburses drugs at prices often exorbitant but do not pay medical cannabis … But hey it’s the beginning and I’m still lucky to be able to put the expense on his taxes in drug costs. That’s why I decided to experiment with growing my medicine! In the meantime I am having fun! The “girls” are starting to be beautiful and I can not wait to move on to the next stage but I have to wait for nature to finish its…

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    My health toolbox

    When I had the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis I freaked! I lost control and if you know me, I am a bit of control freak … It took me a few days to cry and panic but I knew what I was fighting for, that was a benefit. I could put words on the evils! I began to search the net to find out first what it was and then to see the options available to me to counter the damages … So I started by changing my diet by following Dr. Wahls protocol. So basically, I’m not a “diet” I follow an alimentation that helps me to regain my…

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